Hero nursing student Angyl Faith Ababat to receive scholarship from her school after saving a woman

A second-year nursing student has been called a ‘hero’ by the netizens after she was spotted saving a life of a street vendor.

Angyl Faith Ababat, a student at the University of Cebu (UC) would receive a full scholarship grant after her heroic deed that received millions of views online.

Ababat received the scholarship award from the dean of the University’s College of Nursing and also from the president of UC Augusto Go.

The scholarship would shoulder Ababat’s expenses for her preparation for the board examination.

Several nursing groups were also planning to give recognition to Ababat’s deed.

The 21-year-old nurse has gone viral on social media after a CCTV footage showed her stopping the bleeding of a woman’s neck identified as Bernadeta Zamora.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Ababat told the netizens to avoid hesitating when someone was in need and they were knowledgeable enough to save them.

“I just want to tell them that it is okay to be scared, it is a normal reaction. But if you are able to help, especially if you are knowledgeable enough, then be a vessel to help and aid those in need,” she said.


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