Netizen na nagbahagi ng video ni Rowena Guanzon habang ito’y nagwawala sa isang fiesta, maaring makasuhan

A netizen who recorded and uploaded a video of former Commission on Elections commissioner Rowena Guanzon while confronting a tourist in Cadiz City was possibly to face charges.

In an interview, Guanzon believed that the netizen who posted the said video where she can be seen shouting and pointing to a man wanted her to be put in a bad light.

“The video was posted with malice as it did not capture the entire incident. What you saw in the video posted on Facebook is untruthful,” Guanzon said.

According to her, she had no choice but to confront the said man because he was already disturbing the peaceful festival of Dinagsa.

“I told them not to smoke on the sidewalk as someone could get hurt and all of a sudden someone shouted ‘is this your sidewalk,’ bumped my shoulder, and stepped on my left foot that has arthritis. So I got mad and shouted at that person,” she said.

In a Facebook post, Guanzon also shared another reason for the confrontation, claiming that the two people involved in the incident were already behind the bars.

The netizen who uploaded the video identified as Cyn Thia said the man who confronted Guanzon is a relative of her husband.

In her caption, she claimed that Guanzon allegedly used her cane against their relative.

However, Guanzon denied the accusations, saying that her cane was not considered as a weapon.

The netizen also refused to delete the said video despite the statement from Guanzon.

Cyn Thia has yet to give a comment on the possible charges she may face.

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