TikToker Miss Catering raises the eyebrows of netizens for saying that it’s better for his mother to pass away first

A TikToker was receiving different reactions on social media after he told his mother face-to-face that it was better for her to pass away first.

In a video that was already getting thousands of views on social media, content creator Amor Carias, popularly known as ‘Miss Catering’ was seen eating and talking with his mother.

In the said post, Carias was discussing the possible outcome if he passes away first instead of his mother.

According to him, no one would take care of his mother anymore if he was gone.


So he believed that it’s better if his mother pass away first.

“Alam niyo ‘yung pinakamahirap ay kung ako ‘yung mauna kay nanay, syempre kawawa si nanay [kasi] walang mag-aalaga kapag ako ‘yung naunang mawala.” he said.

“Kaya mas mabuti na ikaw na ‘yung maunang mawala,” he added.

“Mauna ka nalang tapos susunod ako,” he also said.


The mother of the content creator agreed, saying that it’s the responsibility of Carias to help his relatives to finish their studies.

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment in what Carias told his mother.

“Masakit sa magulang na ganyan un sasabihin mo …hindi mo dama kasi hindi ka babae at sana maisip mo din yang sinasabi mo ……..godblesss syo,” netizen Anthonette Villareal said.

“Di po magandang biro yung ganyan ginagawa mo . Imbes na sabihin mong humaba pa buhay ng magulang mo sinasabi mo pa yung katagang mauna na lang siya . Pinalaki kayo ng magulang nyo ng maayus tapos yan yung ibibigay nyo salita sa magulang nyo.” netizen Nico Saye stated.

Carias became popular on social media because of his choice of words while talking to a foreign national.


The content creator told the foreign national that he was ‘catering’ his mom instead of saying ‘taking care’ which caused him to be called by the netizens as ‘miss catering’.


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