Jessy Mendiola becomes frank with a netizen who wants to see her baby: “This is my account, I’ll post whatever I want”

Jessy Mendiola became frank with a netizen who was urging her to finally show the full face of her newborn baby.

In her social media comments, Jessy answered some of the questions of the netizens who were curious about the real appearance of her baby Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano.

According to her, she wanted to cherish her moments with her daughter so she’s not yet planning to publicize photos of her child.

“Just let us enjoy our own little world with our baby muna. Patience,” Jessy said.

Photo from @jessymendiola/IG


Some netizens already suspected that there was something wrong with the appearance of baby Isabella, but Jessy made it clear that their baby was normal.

“Wala naman po, we just want to enjoy our little world with our baby. Soon, just let us savor the moment muna,” she said.

Photo from @jessymendiola/IG

Another netizen told Jessy that if she’s not ready to show the face of their baby, they should stop posting anything about their newborn child for now.

Jessy quickly answered the netizen saying that it’s her right to post anything on her own social media page.

Photo from @jessymendiola/IG

As of writing, netizens were still waiting for the face reveal of Jessy’s child with Luis Manzano.

It can be recalled that Manzano answered back to a netizen who was forcing them to post a photo of baby Isabella.


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