Kris Aquino takes swipe against Darryl Yap’s movie: ‘My father is a hero’

Kris Aquino took a swipe against the movie of Director Darryl Yap.

In a lengthy social media post, Kris remembered her father former Sen. Ninoy Aquino Jr. who’s a subject of Yap’s movie Maid in Malacanang and his next project MoM.

Kris highlighted the selfless love of her father for his countrymen.

“Dad, that’s what sets you apart- your charisma came from the fact everyone who was in your company felt special; innately Ninoy Aquino knew how to make it all about others & never about himself. Yes you were a great writer & speaker BUT more than that naka focus ka sa mga taong kaharap mo…unselfish talaga yung pagmamahal mo sa kapwa Pilipino,” Aquino said.

Screencap from the upcoming project of Director Darryl Yap featuring the life of Ninoy Aquino Jr.

She then said that no historical revisionism would change what her father did to his country.

“Subukan mang baguhin ang kwento ng kahapon, it’s from you i learned to NEVER show anger, NEVER reveal your weakness. The child of Ninoy & Cory, the last still carrying their last names, learned from both: Faith in God, Patience, protecting your Integrity, standing firm w/ your words, Trustworthiness & caring for all Filipinos regardless of chosen ‘color,’ and sharing w/ those in need- those are values I hold on to & do my best to instill in my sons. God sees all & that’s what matters,” the host said.

Kris made the said message amid plans by Darryl to make a movie about the life of the former senator.

Meanwhile, the director invited Kris to watch the premier of the said movie.

The host didn’t respond to the invitation of director Darryl.

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