Seaman’s wife being caught sleeping with ‘Barangay Tanod’ receive reaction from netizens

A video of an alleged incident of infidelity has gone viral on social media and already reached 10-M views as of writing.

The video was about a wife of a seaman being caught sleeping with a ‘barangay tanod’.

It can be heard that the uploader was trying to lecture the ‘wife’ about the hardship being experienced by her husband abroad while she was doing unfaithful things.

The video received millions of views online from netizens who thought that the incident was real.

However, when you visit the Facebook page of the uploader Jennifer M, it can be seen they’re just acting to show the different situations in life that netizens could relate to.

In other videos, the woman who got caught with a ‘barangay tanod’ has a different husband in the story.

They also put a disclaimer in every video they made that their contents are for ‘entertainment purposes only’.

As of writing, the page already received thousands of new followers online.

However, most of their fans thought that the videos being uploaded were real and not reading the disclaimer.

We are trying to get a comment from Jennifer M about the popularity they’re getting now on social media.

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