Head of Cebu City Transportation Office faces criticisms for doing on-the-spot haircut to traffic personnel

The head of the Cebu City Transporation Office (CCTO) was receiving criticisms on social media because of her publicity stunt featuring the traffic personnel.

In a Facebook post, Raquel Arce proudly shared the on-the-spot haircut she made to the officers saying that they should look more presentable in public.

“Starting the Day right. Inspection of CCTO PERSONNEL as to personality and good grooming. From prescribed uniform to haircut,” Arce said.

Photo from Raquel Arce/FB

The actions of Arce didn’t receive well by the netizens, saying that the CCTO head only put the traffic enforcers to shame.


According to some netizens, enforcers were adults already to decide on their own hairstyle.


“This kind of careless act causes low morale at workplace, especially doing it in front of your colleagues. I dont agree with this kind of strategy. Binuang!” netizen Cholo Po said.

“I only see this when we were in high school. They’re already adult ma’am. As long as they’re doing their tasks properly, the hairstyle doesn’t matter,” netizen Jonas Arco commented.


“You can not preach what you don’t practice. Have a one on one constructive disciplinary action but avoid this kind of old school “pahiya” practice especially infront of workmates. This does not boost their morale.” netizen Mark Ferdinand stated.

As of writing CTTO has yet to give comment after receiving negative reactions from the netizens.

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