Tourist set to climb Mount Pulag receive mixed reaction after wearing revealing outfit during orientation

A tourist was receiving different reactions on social media because of his outfit during an orientation held at the Mount Pulag Protected Area Office.

In the photo posted by the Mt. Pulag Protected Landscape – Bulletin it can be seen that the tourist was wearing a revealing outfit that gained reactions from the netizens and its locals.

Mt. Pulag is one of the coldest places in the country and it’s considered a sacred place for the locals some people couldn’t stop themselves from asking why the tourist decided to wear short outfits.

“While there’s nothing wrong sa suot nya, sana naging sensitive or inisip nya na hindi lahat ng lokal magiging komportable sa makikita nila. Let’s be reminded na VISITOR lang tayo at maging aware sa mga lifestyle or customs ng kultura ng mga binibisita nating lugar.” netizen Elijah Roy said.

“I fear for their well being… Hopefully they prepared physically, My pulag is not an easy feat.. when it gets too cold 02 levels are a bit thinner… Hence difficulty in breathing… Hopefully, they have the stamina. . People should take hiking seriously.” netizen Breathe Hasson remarked.

“It is the responsibility of the organizer to remind their guests, the proper outdoor attire for hiking. Many guests din kasi will dress kung san sila comfortable but it is not bad to remind the guests the proper attire din for a certain event or activity for the safety and security din nila. In a way, too much revealing attire can be a cause of distraction din to others. Pwede naman paakyatin  don’t deprive the guest yung experience. Pwde naman sya magpalit ng attire, explain lang maayos sa kanya..” netizen Sonia Rmt commented.

However, some friends of the tourist made it clear that they’re gonna wear proper attire during the actual climb.

DENR also informed the netizens that they already advised the said tourist.

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