Netizens ikinatuwa ang posibleng pagbabalikan nila McCoy De Leon at Elisse Joson

Fans of McLisse expressed happiness after seeing the possible reconcilation between their idol McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson.

In several photos posted online, it was confirmed that McCoy and Elisse were seeing each other again after separation rumors.

A restaurant posted the photo of the two eating together.

Last Friday, a netizen also posted a photo of McCoy and Elisse visiting an amusement park in Tagaytay.

It can be remembered that in 2020 McCoy and Elisse also broke up but decided to build their relationship again in 2021.


It seems that the same thing happened this year after McCoy hinted their breakup with Elisse by posting a letter for his daughter.

Several netizens accused McCoy of infidelity and involved internet influencer Mary Joy Santiago in the issue.

Fans couldn’t hide their joy that the two decided to reconcile despite their publicized quarrel.

However they also cautioned the couple to avoid bringing their problems in public again.


“Good for them but next time they should try not to air dirty laundry in public for the sake of their daughter.” a netizen said.

“Well. Be happy na lang if naayos nila ang relationship nila. After all me anak sila kawawa naman yung baby if maghiwalay tuluyan ang magulang nya.” another netizen commented.

“Napanood ko sa vlog ni Ogie D nagkabalikan na ang McLisse. Happy ako for them. At least hindi sila nagbangayan sa socmed. Mas easy ang reconciliation pag walang masasakit na salitang nabitawan sa social media.” a fan also stated.

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