Marites Mondina receives support from netizens after revealing that her children with Pambansang Kolokoy got Autism

Several months after their separation, Marites Mondina the former wife of Joel Mondina also known as Pambansang Kolokoy appeared in public again.

Marites appeared in the vlog of Wander Z where she shared things about her life now after being separated from Joel.

One of the things she shared was her regret of not reading the book ‘Getting To I Do’ before having a relationship.

Marites also said she’s still happy with her life taking care of her two children with special needs.

She’s also working full-time while also taking care of her children without Joel.

“I have two adult children who have special needs, they have autism I have to take care of CJ and then I have to work, I have a full-time job and then once a week I work at a hospital.” she shared.

The former vlogger also said that she was required to stay awake for long hours once a week because of her job.

“Believe it or not, I’m awake 40 hours straight once a week,” Marites revealed.

“I wake up at five, I have my daytime job, night shift I have to go to work 12 hours, that’s 7PM to 7:30 AM then I come home I still have my daytime job but then I can’t sleep until 9PM so that’s already 40 hours,” she added.

She also set the record straight that she’s not dating someone.

“I’m not looking but if you want to apply contact my manager,” she said.

Marites received support from her fans and criticized Joel for his decision to replace her former wife with Eat Bulaga host Gladys Guevarra.

“Imagine 2 of their kids needs special needs. They are autistic. They have autism ika nga ni Marites. Tapos ikaw PK nakuha mopa mambabae,” netizen Abigail Tuazon said.

“Hindi ko alam paano nasisikmura ng mga mahihilig na lalake ang mambabae habang ang asawa nila nagkakanda kuba at hirap sa pagpapalaki ng mga anak nila.” she added.

It can be remembered that Joel announced his separation from Marites in 2022 and he also admitted that he’s already having a relationship with another girl.

“Wala na po kami ni Marites. And, ayaw ko pa sana magsalita kasi meron pa kaming process na ginagawa ngayon. Am I with someone else? Yes, I’m with someone else now and we’re happy.” 

Several days ago, Joel then announced that he’s having a relationship with former Eat Bulaga host Gladys Guevarra.

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