Korina Sanchez slams netizen who said that her husband Mar Roxas looks like Barack Obama

Korina Sanchez-Roxas couldn’t hide her anger towards a netizen who compared her husband, former Interior secretary Mar Roxas to former United States President Barack Obama.

Sanchez-Roxas posted a photo of her husband together with their twins Pepe and Pilar.

“For those wondering where Pappi is… Siya naman ngayon ang naka quarantine from me and the kids. He had to care for his mom in the hospital for a while. So now pabisi-bisita sya but can’t get in direct contact with any of us. It’s hard. This pandemic life with babies. At least one of us is always with the kids. His mom is fine. But it’ll take a bit before they swab and then tsaka palang pwedeng lumapit sa amin. The kids are longing to hug their Pappi. Best be safe than sorry, right?” Sanchez wrote.

One of the netizens who saw the post of the Kapamilya journalist made her comment, calling the photo “edited”.

“Grabee naman maka edit nag mukha na cya ni Pres Obama haha,” the netizen wrote.

Sanchez-Roxas didn’t receive the comment of the netizen well.

“What the hell are you talking about!? B*b* mo naman mag troll! Get lost, idi*t!” she said.

Screenshot from Korina Sanchez’s Instagram page

Sanchez-Roxas didn’t confirm if she edited the photo or not.

The veteran journalist was known for being active on Instagram and even answering her critics.

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