Nakalaya parin! Suspects behind the septic tank case walks free

The two suspects behind the demise of Mrs. Evelyn Sayos walked free.

GMA-7’s Imbestigador featured the story of Sayos, who allegedly faced her end in the hands of her own daughter with the help of the latter’s boyfriend.

The said episode showed that Joanna Marie Sayos and her boyfriend Ronald James Ruby gained their temporary freedom because the authorities were still not sure if the body they found buried under the septic tank was Mrs. Sayos’.

The prosecution team also agreed to the decision as they’re still waiting for the DNA result that would tell the real identity of the body.

Imbestigador also discussed how the suspects did such a vile act to Mrs. Rayos who accepted their relationship and even allowed them to live together.

According to the investigation, Ruby started to instill resentment towards the victim because he’s always being scolded for being jobless.

After months of planning, the victim faced her demise in her exact birth month and allegedly buried by Ruby in a septic tank behind their house.

Suspects even used the social media of the victim to convince everyone that Mrs. Sayos really went to Singapore to work.

Joanna Marie even greeted her mother on social media several times, but many suspected that the latter was already buried when she made the post.

You can watch the whole episode of Imbistigador below:

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