Rowena Guanzon files disbarment complaint against Ferdinand Topacio for his Alzheimer’s remark

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is set to file a disbarment case, unjust vexation complaint, and damage suit against Attorney Ferdinand Topacio.

In a tweet, Guanzon announced that Topacio “mocked” her for having Alzheimer’s disease.

She revealed that her mother who passed away also suffered from the same disease.

“My mother , who had Alzheimer’s disease, passed away at 95. F Topacio mocked me for having the same disease and vexed and annoyed me to no end through Twitter and FB . I have filed a complaint against him for Unjust Vexation in Bacolod,” Guanzon said.

“Yes , I am also filing a Disbarment complaint against F Topacio . After my mother’s 40th day,” she added.

“I’m also filing a damage suit against F Topacio in my home city, Cadiz,” 

Guanzon asked her followers to inform her if Topacio tried to mock her again.

Guanzon might be referring to her discussion with Topacio on Twitter in April.

“Then you must be having early-onset Alzheimer’s. I was there several times,” said Topacio.

“Now that is an insult . My mother has Alzheimers and that’s not taken lightly,” Guanzon told Topacio.

Topacio then advised Guanzon to take a rest because  she possibly lack of sleep.

Yesterday, Topacio said that Guanzon should resign to her position if she’s ‘vexed’ by his remarks.

“If a government official as high as her is vexed by remarks coming from other side to the point where she has to file charges, is a solid proof that she is not fit for the position. If she really want to battle it she must resign first,” Topacio said.

Two months ago, Topacio who’s an active social media user captured the attention of the netizens after he challenged Sharon Cuneta to sue him for his comments against Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

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