Atty. Ferdinand Topacio challenges Sharon Cuneta and Frankie Pangilinan: Kasuhan niyo ako, bring it on!

Atty. Ferdinand Topacio challenged Sharon Cuneta into a legal battle after he made a harsh comment against the latter’s husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, and daughter Frankie Pangilinan.

“Ate Shawie, since the SOJ (Secretary of Justice) is your friend, SUE ME! BRING IT ON!” Topacio wrote.

In a tweet last Sunday, Topacio couldn’t hide his anger over the comments of Frankie against former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

On June 25, Frankie released the notes she wrong while watching the impeachment trial of Corona.


“I personally think he’s guilty. He certainly looks tired, the chief justice is lying. I’m 95% sure of this,” Frankie wrote.

Topacio also made a note about Senator Pangilinan as a response to Frankie’s notes.

“Hi, Kaki Pangilinan. Read your notes on CJ Corona that you saw fit to publicize. Here are my notes on your father: Sen. Pangilinan is a lousy lawyer who couldn’t even win as kapitan till he married your mom and exploited her popularity,” Topacio said.

“He can’t hold a candle to your mom’s first and greatest love Gabby, who remains dashing until now. If I were 12 years old, I’d b*tch-slap you and say F.U. for your rudeness to a dead, great man,” he added.


The camp of Pangilinan has yet to comment on the criticisms of Topacio.

Last week, Cuneta said that she’s going to file charges against a London-based Filipino who made a theoretical question to Frankie.

While Cuneta received support from her fans, some netizens still criticized the megastar for her recent actions.


An OFW even said that he’s not afraid to wish ill to the Pangilinan family after he didn’t get the justice he wanted for her wife who passed away in 2017 because of an accident involving a 16-year-old motorcycle rider.



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