Jim Paredes calls President Duterte: ‘buang’ and ‘bob*’ for saying that gasoline can be used as a disinfectant

Legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes was not afraid to call President Rodrigo Duterte ‘st*pid for saying that gasoline could be use by people as disinfectant.

In a series of tweets, Paredes expressed his disappointment to the recent statements of President Duterte, who insisted that gasoline may became an alternative to alcohol as disinfectant.

A group of chemists already debunked President Duterte’s claim about gasoline.

“Totoo ‘yang sinabi ko. Alcohol, ‘pag walang alcohol na available magpunta ka lang diyan sa gasoline station pagkatapos mag ano magpatuloy ka. That’s disinfectant,” said Duterte.

Paredes made a short response to Duterte’s statement.

“Buang na talaga,” Paredes said.


Buang is the Cebuano word for ‘crazy’.

Paredes also called the supporters of Duterte as ‘blind followers’.


In another tweet, Paredes challenged President Duterte to demonstrate on television how to use gasoline as a disinfectant.

“MR. president, please demonstrate on TV your gasoline disinfectant suggestion. If you are too busy can you ask any of your cabinet, or followers to do it?” Paredes said.

When a netizen asked him to run for President, Paredes refused, saying that he’s not smart to manage the country.

“Hindi ako matalino. B*b* lang siya at mga bilib sa kanya,” the artist said.

screencap from @jimparedes Twitter page

A few days ago, Paredes caught the attention of social media after his private video had been recirculated.

The fans of Paredes even raised their eyebrows after the said video was aired on television by DZRH news.


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