Frankie Pangilinan says her father Kiko is the defender of constitution and protector of rights

Frankie Pangilinan defended her father Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan from the alleged plans pushing to oust the latter as the chairman of the constitutional committee of the senate.

In a series of Twitter posts, Frankie who’s using her other account claimed that a group from Facebook wanted to oust her father who’s also the President of the Liberal Party in the constitutional amendments committee to revise the 1987 constitution.

Frankie claimed that she’s being “watched” so she decided to use her other public account to reveal the move against her father.

“Currently the FB boomers have this movement where they want to oust my dad as the chairman of the constitutional committee in order to make constitutional changes, allegedly in order to address the COVID crisis. My dad is defending our constitution,” said Frankie.

@kakiwrites Twitter page

She sought help to spread the news, saying that her father was the protector of the constitution and rights of the Filipinos.

“This admin can’t touch the constitution for as long as my dad is guarding it. They cannot remove term limits (extend terms), without removing him,” Frankie said.

@kakiwrites Twitter page

The group Frankie might be referring to the #OustKiko movement launched by the CoRRECT Movement.

CoRRECT which founded in 2011 was pushing for “Constitutional Reform & Rectification for Economic Competitiveness & Transformation”.

In one of their Facebook post, they urged the Senate of the Philippines to remove Pangilinan from the constitutional committee.

In their post, the group said that:

“Constitutional Reforms are the MOST URGENT resolutions needed to solve our COVID-19 economic crisis!” 

“1) Openness to Foreign Investors for a chance at more jobs & higher wages!
2) Federalism for a chance at regional development & a richer countryside!
3) Parliamentary System for a chance at better governance & lower corruption!

“Kiko has done nothing to fix the flaws of the 1987 Constitution that keeps our country poor!”

They also claimed that Pangilinan is ‘sabotaging’ all the efforts to fix the constitution.

CoRRECT also challenged Frankie and her father into a debate via Zoom.

Frankie became popular on social media after she clashed with Ben Tulfo.

Even her mother, Sharon Cuneta already became vocal to defend Frankie who received criticisms from the supporters of the government.




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