Bianca Gonzalez to the boy who ‘unfriended’ his father for being against ABS-CBN: “Yakap!”

Bianca Gonzales raised the eyebrows of some netizens after she tried to comfort the Twitter user who has gone viral lately after he ‘unfriended’ his father and even threatened to stop paying their bills.

On July 11, Twitter user ‘Kirk’ expressed his disappointment to his father who’s in favor of shutting down ABS-CBN for good.

According to him, he’s thinking of leaving his parents and stop paying the house bills.

“I just unfriended my papa. He is in favor of shutting down ABS-CBN. T***ina di ba. Parang bet ko lumayas. Balakayo magbayad ng kuryente jan,” said Kirk.

“Nakapag-post ka ng hate sa FB mo eh ako naman nagbabayad ng internet. Paputol ko na kaya,” he added.

Kirk made the post after the 70 lawmakers junked the franchise application of ABS-CBN.

Screenshot from Kirk’s Twitter.

Gonzalez, who’s also active on Twitter, saw the post of Kirk and sent virtual hugs to the heartbroken woke.

“Yakap, Kirk,” Gonzalez said.

Screenshot from Kirk’s Twitter

Gonzalez received criticisms from the netizens and accused him of encouraging people to ‘cancel’ their own parents due to different beliefs.

“Bianca Gonzalez should be ashamed of herself. She is a role model for the Filipino youth and here she is encouraging them to throw their parents under the bus just because they differ in their opinion on, of all things, a trashy brand like ABS-CBN. Such an appalling example being set by such a revered celebrity. It’s no wonder ABS-CBN suffered the fate that had befallen it,” blogger benign0 said in his piece about Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, another blogger, ‘Banat By‘ claimed that he was privately messaged by Gonzalez to apologize for the misunderstanding.

“Magandang gabi po. Inako ko po ang pagkakamali ko, hindi ko intensyon na kunsintihin ang disrespect sa magulang. Magulang din ako, at anak din. I apologized for the post. God bless,” she reportedly told Banat By.

Twitter became a favorite place to hang out by the generation z on the internet because some of them felt that they have more freedom to express themselves on the said social media platform.

A few months ago, the teacher who got arrested by the authorities after he placed a P50-M bounty on President Duterte’s head said that he was using Twitter to express his thoughts independently.




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