Nouveau! Agot Isidro slams Jinkee Pacquiao for showing her luxury bikes: “Pwede ba konting sensitivity man lang?”

Actress Agot Isidro slammed Jinkee Pacquiao for showing her wealth amid the situation of the Philippines.

In a tweet, Isidro shared the news about Mrs. Pacquiao’s Instagram post about her luxury bicycles from Hermés and Louis Vuitton.

Isidro then asked Pacquiao to be sensitive to what’s happening in the Philippines and should stop sharing her expensive belongings.

“Alam namin na marami kayong pera. At kung ano ang gusto ninyong gawin sa pera na yun, wala kaming pakialam,” Isidro said.

“Pero marami rin ang walang trabaho at nagkukumahog humanap ng pera para may pakain sa kanilang pamilya. Puede ba, konting sensitivity man lang?” she added.

The actress also used hashtag ‘nouveau’ a derogatory term used to describe people who only got their wealth within their own generation and not from inheritance.

Isidro received criticisms from the netizens who defended Pacquiao.

“There’s nothing wrong about others posting stuff on social media. It depends if someone views it with envy,” netizen @mauiwose said.

“For people who came from poverty and i supposed hindi ka isa sknla coz you uave been (if not rich) well sustained since childhood, kaligayahan na ang magkaron ng ganyan. And she is not even bragging. Gusto nya ipost yan kase maganda sa feed at paningin ng tao,” netizen @rgndlssnts remarked.

“If you cant take it, baka ikaw ang may problema. And for those who were commenting like she has no class, you think commenting like that made u all classy? SMH,” she added.

Aside from her bicycle, Pacquiao also posted a story showing her Rolex Rainbow Daytona worth PHP16.3 million.


Mrs. Pacquiao has yet to comment on the post of Isidro against her.

Isidro is known to be the defender of the poor and even protested when President Rodrigo Duterte belittling the aid being sent by the United States of America to the Philippines.

“Excuse me, ayaw namin magutom. Mag-isa ka na lang. Wag kang mandamay. Hindi na nga nakakain ang nakararami, gugutumin mo pa lalo.” Isidro told Duterte in 2016.



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