Netizens defend Jinkee Pacquiao from Agot Isidro: “Nakatulong ka teh in the level of the Pacquiaos’ help?”

Netizens couldn’t stop themselves from defending Jinkee Pacquiao from Agot Isidro after the actress asked the latter to stop posting her luxury things on her social media page.

One of the netizens who defended Pacquiao from Isidro was Krizette Laureta Chu who called out the actress for calling the people’s champ wife as ‘nouveau’.

Nouveau is a derogatory term used to describe people who only got their wealth within their own generation and not from inheritance.

According to Chu, only people who came from high society has the right to call anyone a nouveau.

She also questioned why Isidro doesn’t criticize Sharon Cuneta who showed her luxury watch to her critics on social media.

“Makasabi ng nouveau, old rich ka teh? Old rich lang ang pwedeng tumawag ng nouveau sa mga nouveau,” said Chu.

“Maka reklamo ng post ng may post, nakatulong ka teh in the level of the Pacquiaos’ help? Maka call out, na call out mo na si Sharon sa “You don’t have Rolex because you’re bad?” Hindi, kasi kakampi nyo,” she added.

In another post, Chu said that they’re going to launch crowdfunding to help Isidro to buy a bike like what Mrs. Pacquiao posted.

“Dear Agot, the Hermes bike is 10k USD. We will crowdfund to buy one for you, isabak mo din sa bugbugan si Florin Hilbay the way nagpabugbog si Manny just so he could afford nice things. Kami na bahala sa 10k USD,” she said.

Isidro on Thursday made a surprising criticism against Pacquiao who posted a photo of her Hermés and Louis Vuitton bicycles.

According to her, Pacquiao should refrain from posting luxuries on social media as many people were suffering in the country right now.

“Alam namin na marami kayong pera. At kung ano ang gusto ninyong gawin sa pera na yun, wala kaming pakialam,” Isidro said.

“Pero marami rin ang walang trabaho at nagkukumahog humanap ng pera para may pakain sa kanilang pamilya. Puede ba, konting sensitivity man lang?” she added.

Jinkee has yet to comment on Isidro’s criticisms.

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