Luis Manzano reacts on Harry Roque’s statement: “Akala ko the whole time COVID ang kalaban, UP pala!”

TV Host Luis Manzano reacted on Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s recent statement on how the government beat the COVID-19 predictions of the University of the Philippines.

Manzano made a sarcastic response on Roque’s statement, saying that he thought that the government was fighting a pandemic.

“Akala ko the whole time COVID ang kalaban, UP pala! Congratulations!!” Manzano said.

“#UAAP pala” he also said after he shared a tweet from Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog.

UP predicted that the country might reach 40,000 cases of COVID by the end of June.

But the government announced that they only recorded 36,438 positive cases in the country.

Roque, who held a press briefing on Monday, couldn’t hide his joy on how UP didn’t accurately predict the exact cases of COVID-19 this month.

“Panalo na tayo! We beat the UP prediction. Congratulations, Philippines! Let’s do it again in July,” said Roque.

UP predicted that there may be 60,000 cases of COVID in the country before the end of July if the government would not do something to stop the virus from spreading.


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