Very proud! Edu Manzano praises his son for his anti-Duterte rally in New York City

Defeated congressional candidate Edu Manzano praised his son Enzo for rallying alone in the United States to condemn the Duterte administration.

In a tweet, Manzano told another defeated candidate last election, Erin Tanada that he’s “very proud” of Enzo’s activism.

“Proud father here!!!” Manzano tweeted.

“We mustn’t allow our kids to hesitate in life. Kapag na tama dapat full steam ahead,” he also said.

He also said that it’s not impossible for his son to change his beliefs in the future.

“I’ve always said that biases and opinions will be shaped and re-shaped over time. I’m just happy my son has a voice,” Manzano said.

Enzo last week launched a two-day rally to ask the international community to defend the Philippines, saying that the Duterte administration already took the ‘basic rights’ of the Filipinos.

On the first day of his rally, Enzo stood outside United Nations HQ for 3 hours to criticize the Duterte admin.

“Filipinos cant protest so I hope the world can see us instead!” Manzano wrote in his placard.

The next day, he went to the Consulate General of the Philippines building to tell the international community that the government already destroying the “democracy” of the Philippines.

“The Philippine government is destroying my country’s democracy! Hear us now (Before its too late)” he also wrote.

He even posted a photo to prove that he’s really doing a solo-rally.



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