Bastos siya! Former Senate President Enrile on Lea Salonga’s “Pilipinas ang hirap mong mahalin” post

Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile reacted on Lea Salonga’s controversial Facebook post about her difficulties in loving the Philippines.

In an interview with DZOR Sonshine Radio host Jess Aranza and Admar Vilano, Enrile was asked about his comment on Salonga’s post which supposedly about her opposition on the anti-terror bill.

“Bastos. Anong malay naman niyang Lea Salonga na yan kung hindi ang kumanta lang,” the 96-year-old politician and lawyer said.

Aranza also expressed his disappointment towards Salonga, calling her “bastos” for cursing the country.

“Who are you to say that?” Aranza asked.

“Bakit mo sasabihing masama kaming mga Pilipino, hindi ka na Pilipino, umalis ka na sa bansa!” he added.

Salonga on June 15 expressed her concern on the anti-terror bill.

Like other celebrities who opposed the bill, Salonga cited that the proposed anti-terror measures may be misused by the government.

“My problem is how unspecific and loose these definitions are. Ibig sabihin, any of us could be thrown in jail for doing anything. I get that we need a bill to help curtail the growth of actual terrorist groups, but seriously? E kung pumunta ako ng True Value at bumili ng kutsilyo, terorista na ba ako? Sa ganda kong ito? Paano ka e, ang handsome mo?” Salonga said.

“Here’s my problem… I don’t possess a lot of trust in the things I see and read, even if and when the sources are supposed to be those in which we should be able to have unquestionable trust. Second, I house a conspiracy theorist in my head, one that I do try to quell in order to stay focused on the long game. Third, there is always a sense of fear that if anyone pisses off the wrong guy, one can get shot in broad daylight,” she also said.

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