Sharon Cuneta slams Tulfo after her daughter clashed with the journalist: “Perhaps idol raffy tulfo would think of this is a much broader and fairer sense?”

Actress and singer Sharon Cuneta backed her daughter Frankie amid the clash between the latter and journalist Ben Tulfo about a very sensitive topic.

A few days ago, Ben Tulfo told Frankie Pangilinan that the only thing women could do to avoid predators is to wear appropriate dress.


“Hija, iba mag-isip ang mga manyakis at mga r*pists. Hindi natin sila matuturuan at mababago ang kanilang pagnanasa at pagiging kriminal,” Tulfo said in his Facebook post.

“Ang tanging magagawa ay manamit ng tama. Huwag nating pukawin ang pagnanasa nila. Ito ang iyong magagawa,” he added.

Tulfo’s statement received criticisms on social media and even Frankie’s mother Sharon couldn’t stop herself from giving her comment on the issue.

She also expressed her amazement to her daughter who’s already fighting for the rights of the women on social media.


Cuneta also compared Ben Tulfo to his brother Raffy who’s a very popular celebrity on social media.

“Perhaps idol Raffy Tulfo would think of this is a much broader and fairer sense..? Anyway – it DOES NOT AND WILL NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOUR STAND IS THAT WHICH IS CORRECT,” Cuneta said.

The megastar also said that anyone could be a victim of predators regardless of their clothing and age.


Yesterday, Frankie’s father, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan showed his support to his daughter.

Tulfo already denied that he’s doing victim-blaming on his social media posts.

“I never said that I’m blaming the victims. Let’s get it straight, this is not a blame game. I said, ‘Let’s not awaken the beast within the criminals,’” Tulfo said.

The topic #HijaAko has gone viral on Twitter following Tulfo’s advice to Pangilinan.

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