Sen. Pangilinan proud of his daughter Frankie’s social media posts: “Ngayon alam ko na ang naging pakiramdam ng Tatay ko!”

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan expressed his admiration to his daughter Frankie after she clashed with journalist Ben Tulfo on the reason why predators are targeting women.

In his tweets, Pangilinan said that he now understood the feelings of his father when he was still young and doing activism in UP Diliman during the Marcos administration.

“Ngayon alam ko na ang naging pakiramdam ng Tatay ko nung isa akong nagmamartsa, nakikibaka at lumalaban na lider estudyante sa UP Diliman nung ‘80s nung panahon ng Diktadura. Pasensya na Daddy, ikaw din ang nagturo sa akin na mahalaga ang pagiging lider nung bata pa ako,” Pangilinan said.

Pangilinan also gave his blessing to Frankie to continue what she’s posting on social media.

“Go ahead then,  @kakiep83 . As my Father, your Lolo Dony, sought to understand what I did then despite the risks, so it is with me and you,” he told his daughter.

Yesterday, Frankie said that people should stop teaching girls how to dress because their attire should not be the reason to be the target of predators.

Tulfo then told Frankie that the only thing that women could do to protect themselves from predators is to wear proper attire.

“Hija, iba mag-isip ang mga manyakis at mga r*pists. Hindi natin sila matuturuan at mababago ang kanilang pagnanasa at pagiging kriminal,” Tulfo said.

“Ang tanging magagawa ay manamit ng tama. Huwag nating pukawin ang pagnanasa nila. Ito ang iyong magagawa,” he added.

Frankie then responded to Tulfo, calling the journalist “braver on Facebook” because she’s not using the said social media platform.

Topic #HijaAko became viral on Twitter after netizens expressed support to Frankie’s stand.

Aside from thousands of Twitter users, defeated senatorial candidates Erin Tanada and Samira Gutoc also expressed their support to the daughter of the Liberal Party president.

“So proud of you, hija,” Gutoc said.

Frankie then thanked the people who used #HijaAko.

“Been scrolling through #HijaAko for a while and I’m in genuine tears. you’re all so brave and strong and there aren’t words for how deeply I love you,” she said.

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