Netizen explains why the song ‘Spoliarium’ is not about Pepsi Paloma, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon

A netizen believes that the song Spoliarium by the legendary OPM band Eraserheads is not about a case of a 1980s star and three comedians.

Miguel Guzman made an unpopular opinion on social media and explained the real story behind the song of Eraserheads.

According to him, the Enteng and Joey being mentioned to the song is not Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon but the close friends of the band members, Vicent “Enteng” Villasante” and Joey “Cowpunk” Navera.

“Kung naniwala ka na yung reference ng “Enteng at Joey” ay sila Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto, then you believed on the wrong “meaning”… it’s NOT a fact.. why? Vincent Villasanta and Joey Navera, who are the one of the band’s close friends, made the EHEADS cover albums and who also helped the ‘heads finish their 5th album “STICKER HAPPY”, explained that this was just a drinking session with the Eheads… kahit si Enteng nilinaw niya na ang Spoliarium story niya ay inuman lang.. “bahala na kayo kung naniniwala pa rin kayo”(referring to the Pepsi Paloma theory),” Guzman said.

“Also another proof, at one of Ely’s gig, before perfoming the song, he stated “Uhmm.. this song is not about SOFTDRINKS” (referred kay Paloma).. MALINAW NA MENSAHE YAN.. Spread the REAL meaning..Look and believe on the REAL fact.. not the theory you believed that is true when there’s NO CONFIRMATION or PROOF about it. “Bago maniwala, magisip-isip ka muna. Marami ang namamatay sa Maling Akala” -Maling Akala by Eraserheads,” he added.

Guzman also showed a photo of ‘Enteng’ and ‘Joey’ together with Eraserheads, vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Ely Buendia.

Guzman’s post reached 24,000 shares as of writing.

The said song became an urban legend and the discussion about the song was amplified because of social media.

Spoliarium has long been associated with the alleged r*pe and demise of the 1980’s star Pepsi Paloma.

Paloma filed a case against Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Ritchie D’Horsie.

Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III also got involved in the urban legend, after the future senator had been accused of forcing Paloma to sign an ‘Affidavit of Desistance’ to junk her case against the three comedians.

The Senate President denied the accusations against him and to the three comedians, saying that the Pepsi issue was just a ‘gimmick’ of Paloma’s manager.

Despite the denial of the Senate President, the urban legend is still popular and a netizen even requested the ‘Spoliarium’ to be played during a live session of Vic Sotto and his wife Pauleen Luna.

Luna reportedly got offended and messaged the netizen who made the said request.

In 2011, the urban legend became more mysterious after Ely Buendia reportedly said that he would take the secret of Spoliarium “to the grave”.




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