Nag bakasyon? People of Baguio wants San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora ‘persona non grata’ in their city

San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora was facing criticisms from the Igorots after the latter was reportedly traveled to Baguio City together with more than 30 people, allegedly disregarding health protocols.

According to some news reports, Zamora visited the Baguio Country Club (BCC) and to accompany her wife who’s told by the doctor to take a rest.

They were asked the present a health certificate as part of the safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but unable to do so.

The news was confirmed by Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong on Sunday, saying that the group of Zamora ignored the checkpoints.

“When his group was flagged down for inspection, the driver of the lead vehicle just slowed down a bit, and merely told the checkpoint personnel that he was part of a convoy, pointing out the vehicles tailing his police car, then forthwith sped off with the Mayor’s entourage in tow,” Magalong said.

Furious residents of Baguio used their social media accounts to express disappointment over the action of Zamora.

“Paki sabi sa pu#@@$*na na ito na bumalik na sa San Juan. We do not need your feeling privileged group in our city,” netizen Peter Wasing said.

Some people even launched a campaign to urge Baguio City to declare Zamora as persona non grata.

“By ignoring protocols and initiatives of the City of Baguio, one of the cities in the country that serves as a model in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 thanks to the discipline and genuine concern of its citizens and the city’s current leadership, San Juan City Mayor Zamora, arrogantly and selfishly, spat in the face of every Baguio citizen who’s sacrificed so much to keep the city safer,” the petition read.

Meanwhile, Zamora apologized to Magalong for what he did, saying that he’s sleeping during the time when his convoy passed the checkpoints in Baguio.

“He profusely expressed deep regrets that while asleep in his car at the time, the PNP escort leading his convoy mindlessly took it on his own to ignore what has long been a standard border protection measure prescribed not only in his but our own city,” Magalong said.

Magalong assured the people that they’re going to punish the people who breach the quarantine protocols.

People admired Baguio City during the COVID-19 pandemic because of its effective way of containing the virus.


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