Mumurahin kita dahil buhay ko nakasalalay dito! Actress Pinky Amador spotted cursing, yelling at hotel staff

Actress Pinky Amador has gone viral on social media after she was video recorded yelling and cursing at the staff of a still unknown hotel.

Several netizens uploaded the said video on June 5, showing Amador, who’s wearing a mask, making a commotion while telling them that her life was in danger and accused the hotel management of negligence.

It seems that Amador was furious at the hotel management because they’re still not giving the document she requested.

According to some news reports, Amador was asking a circular of the hotel that they’re accepting repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers  (OFWs) who were people under monitoring (PUM) of COVID-19.

PUMs are people not showing any COVID-19 symptoms but there’s a travel history in countries with recorded cases of the virus.

They’re still required to undergo 14-day quarantine and take the COVID-19 test to ensure that they’re not a carrier of the virus.

The actress said that the hotel put her life in danger and claimed that she was possibly exposed to COVID-19 because she’s unaware that the establishment accepted PUMs.

She told the staff that she interacted with two PUMs during her stay in the hotel.

“[You are] accepting OFWs here with no testing results. Sino? P——–mo! Gawin mo ngayon ‘yan, hindi ako aalis dito! P——–mo, pag ako nagkasakit, babayaran mo ba pang-ospital ko? Tagalan mo pa, p——–mo, kakaladkarin kita dito!” Amador said in the video.

When the staff told Amador that they’re only following orders, the actress told them that they should release the circular to prove it.

“Sandali, you let me speak! You piece of sh*t! What I am asking for is the circular that you emailed me, stating that you let the 59 OFWs inside here. You emailed that to me twice. And twice ako sumagot sa inyo, ‘Isabit niyo sa elevator.’ Yun ang usapan namin ni Architect… Ngayon, i-print mo na agad. Gawin mo na ngayon!” she said.

They also urged Amador to relax and stop cursing them, however, the actress’ emotion was uncontrollable already.

“Mumurahin kita dahil buhay ko ang nakasalalay dito! Mga sinungaling kayo!”

The actress also almost broke the computer being used by the hotel staff after she pushed it due to anger.

Amador’s action received mixed reactions on social media.

“Naging staff din aq at maraming beses naka encounter ng irrate cx..oo grabe xa magmura at magwala but thats how she is eeeeh…may maling ginawa..ang lakas p ng loob magvideo ng babae kitang kita ung monitor nya n ng ffb xa..tapos 3weeks n ndi ng rreply sa request ni cx…buhay ang nakasalalay ngaun a second pwede xa ma expose sa virus..kaya maging lesson sana sa lahat,” netizen Alina Forte commented.

“I do understand her reaction. She stayed at the hotel expecting that it is safe. Expecting that the management will take care of them. But sadly, there is negligence. I understand the fear and action. By the grace of God, I hope the Lord will not allow me to say the words that came out in her mouth but I do understand why. It is not fair to judge the actress. Watch the whole video before you react. Again I do not agree with the words that she used, by the grace of God, I hope I will not be put in that kind of situation. But for me, I can’t blame her,” netizen ريان هيرناندو remarked.

As of writing the one of the reuploaded videos already reached 4-M views on social media.

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