Leah Navarro on anti-terror bill: “How about we label Duterte as terrorist no. 1?”

Singer Leah Navarro criticized the government and President Rodrigo Duterte for pushing for the anti-terror bill.

In a tweet, Navarro asked if Duterte was qualified to be declared as terrorist if ever that the controversial bill becomes a law, saying that the chief executive destroyed the country through his policies like Oplan Tokhang.

The actress made the said tweet when President Duterte certified the anti-terror bill as urgent.

“How about we label Duterte as Terrorist No.1? He’s done more than enough to deserve it. He’s terrorized us for years through Tokhang-EJK, a horrible lack of good governance, dr*g-induced rants, and lately, mismanagement of the pandemic,” Navarro said.

In another post, Navarro said that if a controversial bill passed as a law, the people should use it against the President.

“If this Anti-Terrorism Act ever passes into law, proper retribution would be for it to be used against Duterte and every God-forsaken legislator that supported it. They’ve terrorized Filipinos with their corruption for too long,” she said.

She also claimed that it was meant to be misused by the government.

Despite the opposition from many groups, celebrities, and politicians, lawmakers assured that they put enough safeguards to the bill to prevent anyone from misusing it.

Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III said that only terrorists and their supporters should be afraid of the said bill.

Another senator, Panfilo “Ping” Lacson denounced the disinformation being spread by the critics of the government about the measure.

“To the critics, I dare say: I hope the day will not come when you or any of your loved ones will be at the receiving end of a terrorist attack, so much so that it will be too late for you to regret convincing the Filipino people to junk this landmark legislation,” Lacson said.

The said bill only needs President Duterte’s signature now after it got 168 support from the lawmakers during the final reading.


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