Goodbye social media na? Actor Coco Martin’s Instagram deactivated

It seems that ABS-CBN’s top actor and defender Coco Martin decided to take a break on social media, one month after his home network was forced to shut down by the government.

Fans of Martin was surprised after they saw the Instagram account of Martin already inaccessible.

A few weeks ago, Martin went viral on the internet after he used his social media page to criticize the government and defend ABS-CBN from the critics.

It even reached to the point that the actor told the critics of ABS-CBN that he would kick them if they try to watch Probinsiyano once that the network issue is over.

“Tama na wag kana umiyak babalik kami sadyang may mga Demonyo lang talaga na tao ngayon na gusto tanggalan ng kaligayanhan ang mga tao at ng hanap buhay na pinagkukunan ng kanilang kakainin sa araw araw!” Martin said in one of his Instagram post.

“Pag balik namin pag sasapakin ko lahat ng tuwang tuwa ngayon na sarado na ang ABS CBN!!” he added.

Even Solicitor General Jose Calida slammed the actor for writing social media posts against him and to the government.

“If I had not been the Solicitor General, I would have called his bluff and make him eat his words,” Calida said.

Coco Martin’s Instagram as of June 6, 2020

The camp of the actor is not yet revealing the reason why Martin decided to close down his Instagram.

However, fans already speculated that Martin’s break on social media might be connected to the upcoming return of his show ‘Ang Probinsiyano’ in Kapamilya Channel on June 13.




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