Sen. Win Gatchalian slams Francis Leo Marcos: “Dapat ikulong na yan at huwag pakawalan!”

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian couldn’t say anything good about the self-proclaimed businessman and philanthropist Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos.

On May 19, Gatchalian said that he was hoping that the National Bureau of Investigation would lock up Marcos, believing that the latter victimized many people in the past.

“Walang hiya talaga yan. Manloloko at sinungaling. Dapat ikulong na yan at huwag pakawalan. Maraming na loko yan,” Gatchalian tweeted.

He repeated his statement against Marcos while talking to one of his friends on Twitter.

“Walang hiya yan Boss Ron,” he told PDP Laban Executive Director Ron Munsayac.

Munsayac claimed that Marcos was being backed by money from the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

“Sobra dami na scam nyan, boss Win! Pogo money din backer nyan! Dami ko narinig kwento about his various scams, kesyo may gold reserves pa daw sa Switzerland atbp,” Munsayac said.

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The self-proclaimed businessman was accused in the past of selling ‘fake gold bars’ and even former first lady Imelda Marcos confirmed it on the document she sent to NBI in 2019.

“I have received continued disturbing reports about the above-mentioned persons using my name and my family’s name to collect unauthorized campaign donations, selling of fake gold certificates and using photographs and films/video coverage to associate themselves with me and my family for unauthorized and unscrupulous business practices,” Imelda wrote on the document.

“Mr. Francis Leo Marcos has claimed that he is the son of Dr. Pacifico Marcos, the brother of my late husband and that he has been chosen by the Marcos family as the custodian of alleged wealth which we are not in possession of; he uses my photographs on social media after a photo opportunities and has produced a film positioning him as a signatory to the world’s wealth; he targets wealthy Chinese businessmen who want to do business in the Philippines and attracts them thru charitable causes,” she added.

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NBI cybercrime chief Vic Lorenzo in an interview with journalist Erwin Tulfo confirmed that Imelda wrote to them.

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Marcos who’s under the custody of NBI since May 19 would face multiple charges, some are non-bailable.

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