LOOK: NBI takes mugshot of ‘Norman Mangusin’ also known as Francis Leo Marcos

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) took a mugshot of businessman Norman Mangusin, also known as Francis Leo Marcos, giving more evidence that the self-proclaimed businessman was not using his real name all this time.

In the photos circulated on social media, it showed that the placard being held by the internet celebrity identifies him as ‘Norman Mangusin a.k.a Marcos, Francis Leo y Antonio”.

Marcos was invited to the NBI central office because of his alleged violation of the Republic Act 8050, also known as the Optometry Law.

In his past videos, the businessman admitted that Francis Leo Marcos and Norman Mangusin are the same people.

However, Marcos insisted that he never intended to use the name “Francis Leo Marcos”.

“Another issue is Norman Mangusin and Francis Leo Marcos… They asked if it is the same person, I said ‘yes, I was once Norman Mangusin, and I am Francis Leo Marcos,” he said.

“I know myself I am Norman, until suddenly my mother told me that, ‘hindi ko kayang nahihirapan ka, ikaw ‘yan, karapatan mo ‘yan, you a Marcos and this is your name, Francis Leo Marcos, ano pong karapatan ko na kontrahin ang aking ina?” he added.

According to him, his mother was so inspired by the family of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

A photo of two passports showing how the businessman allegedly changed his name was also circulating on social media since April.

In 2013, the certificate of candidacy for Senator of the businessman shows that he’s already using the name, Francis Leo Marcos.

Source: https://www.scribd.com/doc/113378584/Marcos-Francis-Leo

Meanwhile, Francis Leo also denied that he’s part of the powerful Marcos clan of Ilocos, mentioning his mother again as the culprit and his connection with former first lady Imelda Marcos is a ‘privilege communication’.

However, in his past Facebook post, Marcos claimed that his father is Pacifico Marcos the youngest brother of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

Photo: Francis Leo Marcos Facebook page

He then edited the caption of the photos a few days after he admitted his real connection with the Marcoses.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/francisleomarcos202020/posts/1287380228077028

Veteran journalist Manuel Boy Mejorada also showed evidence that Marcos pretended to be part of the Marcos family, citing that he declared that his father is Pacifico Marcos in his passport application.

Photo: https://manuelboymejorada.com/2020/05/11/ito-ang-ebidensya-na-ina-angkin-ni-flm-na-anak-siya-ni-dr-pacifico-e-marcos/
Photo: https://manuelboymejorada.com/2020/05/11/ito-ang-ebidensya-na-ina-angkin-ni-flm-na-anak-siya-ni-dr-pacifico-e-marcos/

Despite this surprising revelations, his followers shrugged it, saying that it’s more important that Marcos was helping the poor.


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