NBI to investigate alleged scammer who distributes rice to lure rich people in his foundation

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) hinted that they’re already investigating different kinds of scams being used amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Victor Lorenzo, head of NBI cybercrime division revealed that they’re already trying to investigate the people trying to take advantage of people affected by the enhanced community quarantine.

According to him, some scammers are even doing publicity stunts like showing that they’re giving sacks of rice to the people and challenging others to help also.

However, Lorenzo said that this kind of scammers is just trying to build connections to the wealthy and convince them to donate to their fake foundations.

“Ang daming malilikot ang utak ngayon, kasi ngayon yung mga scams, ‘yung mga phishing dumadami… may mga nagpo-project pa nga dito na kunwari ay namimigay sila ng mga bigas tapos ay icha-challenge nila yung isang class ng society para mag donate din, ‘yun pala ang end goal is to ask for donations na itatago niya rin pala at hindi ipamimigay,” Lorenzo said.

One of the hosts of the radio program, Arnold Clavio asked Lorenzo if he’s referring to Francis Leo Marcos, who’s known on social media for giving sacks of rice to the people and also challenging the rich people to do the same.

“Ganoon kasi ‘yung style niya, challenge… mayaman challenge diba?” Clavio said.

Lorenzo refused to answer Clavio’s question, but he said that they’re trying to investigate scammers.

Lorenzo said that people who are trying to scam people amid the COVID-19 crisis may face a punishment of 6 years to 12 years of detention.

Clavio then interrupted, saying that not only the enhanced community quarantine violators could face punishments, but also those ‘KSP’ or people seeking for attention.

The statement of Clavio got the attention of the supporters of Marcos and they started to criticize the journalist, accusing him of urging NBI to investigate the businessman.

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