Taiwan denies DOLE’s request to deport Filipina caregiver who criticizes President Duterte and his supporters

Taiwan defended the Filipina caregiver who allegedly committed cyber libel against President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that all people, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), have the right to exercise her freedom of speech.

In a news report, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on April 27, rejected the request from PH’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to deport Filipina caregiver Elanel Egot Ordidor also known as Linn Silawan on social media.

According to them, Ordidor cannot be deported without any proper consultations between Taiwan and the Philippines.

“Taiwan is a sovereign, independent country where foreign workers enjoy ‘citizen treatment,’ and their rights and interests are protected by relevant laws and regulations, including freedom of speech, which should be respected by governments of all countries,” MOFA statement reads.

“No person or institution, in this case, has the right to pressure her, her employer, or broker, nor shall she be deported without consultations held between both governments,” it added.

Ordidor has gone viral on social media because of her videos criticizing Duterte’s enhanced community quarantine policies.

She blamed the President’s friendliness towards China as the reason why the COVID-19 reached the Philippines.

The Filipina caregiver also slammed the supporters of President Duterte and even told them to save their food as they might get hungry soon because of how the government handles the crisis.

“Napaka iresponsable ng gobyerno meron tayo, napaka inutil sa totoo lang…” she said.

DOLE already asked Taiwan to deport Ordiror, saying that she committed an illegal act against President Duterte.

“Ordidor was cooperative and cordial at first and committed to delete all her uploaded videos against the President and promised not to do it again. She also promised to upload a video of her public apology to the President and to the people in the government at 9 pm of the same day,” the DOLE statement read.

“However, hours after the visit, several posts were seen on the POLO Taichung’ Facebook page from several fake accounts assuring Ms. Ordidor’s cause and further giving her assurance of support,” they added.

Senator Nancy Binay then reminded the Labor Attache in Taiwan to assist Ordidor.

“Paalala lang po sa mga labor attaches na kayo ang kanlungan at sandigan ng ating mga OFW. Wag maging Bagong Makapili sa harap ng mga bagong bayani,” Binay tweeted.

Group Migrante International also came to defend Ordidor and condemned DOLE and Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Taichung for trying to target Filipino workers critical of President Duterte while ignoring the real issues that are faced by OFWs.

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