DOLE asks Taiwan to deport Filipina caregiver and anti-Duterte blogger for her statements against the President

A Filipina caregiver might face a possible deportation because of her statements against President Rodrigo Duterte that she posted on social media.

A few weeks ago, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) using social media name ‘Linn Silawan’ and ‘Hampas Lupa’ raised the eyebrows of the supporters of Duterte because of her messages against the government.

“Napaka iresponsable ng gobyerno meron tayo, napaka inutil sa totoo lang…” she said.

The OFW also slammed Duterte for his friendliness towards China.

Some of her videos already reached millions of views on social media.

In a statement, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced that they already traced the said OFW and she was identified as Elanel Egot Ordiror, a Filipina caregiver working in Yunlin, Country, Taiwan.

According to DOLE, they asked Taiwan to deport Ordiror as she committed a cyber libel against the President.

The department said that Ordidor might get punished both in Taiwan and the Philippines.

They said that while Ordiror was cooperative at first, they discovered that the caregiver was allegedly trying to gather support on social media.

“Ordidor was cooperative and cordial at first and committed to delete all her uploaded videos against the President and promised not to do it again. She also promised to upload a video of her public apology to the President and to the people in the government at 9 pm of the same day,” the DOLE statement read.

“However, hours after the visit, several posts were seen on the POLO Taichung’ Facebook page from several fake accounts assuring Ms. Ordidor’s cause and further giving her assurance of support,” they added.

POLO Taichung/International Labor Affairs Bureau said that they’re already informed the employer of Ordidor about the illegal acts she committed under Republic Act No. 10175.

Here’s some of the videos posted by Ordidor on social media:

Supporters of Duterte celebrated after hearing the news about Ordidor, saying that she deserved to be punished for her statements against the President.

“Sana nga madeport na yan wag na hingian ng public apology ikulong nlng sa mental hospital,” Zayd Malik said.

“Dapat ikulong yn, wla ciang respeto sa ating pangulo, ama ng republica ng pilipinas ginaganyan mo, qng bastusin mo wagas!! Malakas lng ang loob mo kc nsa taiwan ka, o ano ngayon nanginginig kna sa takot, mag public apology ka, akala mo papatawarin ka ng pangulo,, no!! Kulong ka magtago kna, anjn na cla,” netizen Vincent Gonzalez remarked.

The camp of Ordidor is not yet releasing a statement as of writing.

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