“Nakakatakot!” Netizen shares how a PDEA Regional Director messages him on Facebook because of his online post

A netizen couldn’t believe that a high official from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is going to message him on social media because of his post about ‘shabu’.

Netizen Laurence Almayda, a resident of Cavite on Monday shared his conversation with PDEA Region 10 Regional Director Wilkins Villanueva who saw his now-deleted post about his plan on his birthday.

“Sa Birthday ko, hindi alak titirahin natin kondi shabu,” Almayda said on his Facebook post which captured the attention of Dir. Villanueva.

Despite being warned by a high official from PDEA, Almayda still attempted to joke, saying that ‘shabu’ helps him to solve his personal problems.

However, Villanueva didn’t take Almayda’s message as a joke and told the netizen that he’s going to hunt him soon.

Villanueva then ordered Almayda to apologize about his previous post so the netizens would not imitate what he did.

The PDEA Director said that posting about shabu should not be made as a joke as it already destroyed many lives.

Almayda then tried to check the Facebook profile of Villanueva, confirming that he’s indeed a regional director of PDEA and a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

He even saw a photo of Villanueva together with former Philippine National Police Director General and now Senator Ronald Dela Rosa.

Almayda said that his encounter with Villanueva might be the scariest part of his life.

Fortunately, it seems that the regional director already accepted his apology and just reminded him to stay at home.

The post of Almayda already reached 43,000 shares as of writing.

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