Singer Bituin Escalante calls Duterte admin ‘inutil’: “Pinag iinitan ang mahuhusay na mga Mayor!”

Singer Bitiun Escalante slammed the government for allegedly targeting ‘great’ public officials like Vice President Leni Robredo.

In her Twitter page, Escalante criticized the plan of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) Commissioner Manuelito Luna to investigate Vice President Leni Robredo’s relief efforts for the COVID-19 crisis.

She also called the Duterte administration useless for targeting good performing local officials.

“ANG ATING INUTIL NA PAMAHALAAN. Pinagiinitan ang mahuhusay na mga Mayor, LGU at ang ating Bise Presidente. MAGPAQUARANTINE NA LANG KAYO! WALA NA KAYONG MAGANDANG NAITULONG. STAY AT HOME!!!” Escalante said.

The singer also reminded her critics that they’re not going to get any reply from her.

“I hardly see any of the offensive posts. I’ve been on muting sprees before, so it’s most likely they have been muted. So it gives them a chance to comment but they won’t get engagement from me. Exercise in futility baga. Do me a favor, guys. Do the same and just ignore them,” she said.

According to her, she’s disappointed by the move of the PACC because they’re taking away the only possible way for her to help the people affected by COVID-19.

“Trying. Really trying. Especially for the kids. If I weren’t a mom I’d be out there. The only way I’ve been able to help is thru online donations, one of which is “
@KayaNatinPH. And now they want to take away my ability to help. It’s bad enough that they get my taxes,” Escalante remarked.

One day after Escalente’s post, President Rodrigo Duterte also expressed his disappointment over the move of Luna and decided to fire him.

“May tao ako na abogado sa PACC, Commissioner Manuelito Luna. Gusto niya ipa-imbestiga si Leni kung bakit nagsolicit, anak ng… Kaya noong narinig ko, sabi ko, fire him,” said the President



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