Parang Gretchen Diez lang! Transgender argues with authorities after being caught during curfew hours: “Subukan niyo akong hawakan!”

A transwoman attempted to be the next Gretchen Diez as she broadcasted her argument with the law enforcers who caught her amid curfew hours via Facebook live.

Gretchen Diez became famous on social media because of her live video while having a debate with the authorities about her rights to use a female restroom.

On Thursday, Martin David Antonio, also known as ‘Maria’ to her friends, was caught amid the enhanced community quarantine being implemented by the government.

Instead of cooperating with the authorities, Antonio opened her Facebook application and started a Livestream to show the faces of the authorities who tried to hold her for violating quarantine rules.

Antonio said that they’re already going home when they were caught by the authorities.

She even dared the law enforcers not to touch her.

“Subukan niyo akong hawakan, ayan nakikita niyo hindi kami lasing, ipapakita ko sa inyo ang live ko,” Antonio told the authorities.

“Bakit ninyo ako pipigilan eh nasa katwiran po ako? Sir nasa katwiran po ako, hindi po ako lasing, meron po akong face mask, meron po akong quarantine pass,” she added.

However, in the video posted by the law enforcers who caught Antonio, the latter was not seen wearing any face mask.

Antonio even talked to a certain SPO4 Mercedita Latosa asking the alleged cop about her rights.

The transwoman also claimed that Latosa told her that she’s allowed to go home and the law enforcers were wrong for holding her.

“Hindi po ako sasama, yes po nasa tama po ako,” Antonio said while talking to SPO4 Latosa.

At one point in the video, Antonio even told the authorities that she doesn’t care about them.

“Wala akong pakialam sayo kung sino ka,” Antonio said.


In the end, Antonio was still brought to the nearest police station and face charges due to disobedience to authority and unjust vexation.

Netizens also criticized Antonio for not cooperating with the authorities.

They also asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) to verify if a certain SPO4 Latosa was really connected to the transwoman.


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