Ano daw? Ethel Booba disowns famous Twitter account named after her: Pati ako ginagamit niyan!

Ethel Booba ‘@IamEthylGabison’ became one of the most popular pages on Twitter and the tweets of the said account were featured in several news reports.

However, the actress and comedian Ethel Booba who previously thought to be the owner of @IamEthylGabison disowned the said Twitter page, saying that her name was just being used by the handlers of the account.


Booba made the revelation on her Instagram and Youtube page yesterday, urging the netizens who became a fan of the comedian because of her ‘witty’ tweets to unfollow the said Twitter page.

The comedian denounced the tweets of @IamEthylGabison, saying the handlers of the said page are making fun of the crisis being faced by the country.

She also planned to file charges against the owners of the page.

“Profited yan ang sinasabi ko, di kayo ang niloko ng fake account na yan pati ako ginagamit,” Booba commented on Youtube.

“Wala ako pinagkakitaan kahit sino sa inyo sumobra na lang ang panggamit niya pati current situation na meron tayo ginagawa niyang biro at ako ang nadadamay sue if you want thats what im gonna do pagkatapos ng quarantine ipapahanap ko kung sino man yang taong gumagamit sa name ko,” she added.

@IamEthylGabison was active on Twitter for eight years and most of the netizens believed that the said page made Booba popular again.

Showtime Online even featured Booba last year to react to the ‘witty’ tweets of @IamEthylGabison.

Several netizens on Twitter expressed their thoughts on the issue of Ethel Booba.


Some of them even blamed the government and accusing them of trying to silence the comedian.

“Good morning sa mga bagong gising d’yan. Ethel Booba is being threatened by the Duterte Admin by making her disown her famous Twitter acount na anti-govt. You can silence her, but never her fans,” netizen @ronazaeboo said.

Another Twitter user also insisted that Ethel Booba is aware of the said page.

“Twitter of Ethel Booba is definitely not fake – she has personally promoted it, shares life events on it & she even has a book deal w her curated tweets. Even if she did have content writers/admins (most celebs do), she wouldn’t have to completely denounce & delete it. Very odd,” @austinedal1 tweeted.



Three days ago, @IamEthylGabison pokes fun with Senator Ronald Dela Rosa who accused of being missing-in-action amid the enhanced community quarantine being implemented by the government.

“Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. Charot!” the Twitter page’s commented to a news report about Sen. Dela Rosa.

As of writing @IamEthylGabison twitter page was deleted already.

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