Businessman violates super-exclusive subdivision rules to urge his rich neighbors to help the people: “Makasarili kayong lahat!”

A businessman has gone viral on social media after he violated the rules of the super-exclusive subdivision he lived in to call the attention of his rich neighbors to go out of their mansions to help the people affected by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Francis Leo Marcos CEO of Marcos Group of Companies suddenly became famous on social media because of his philanthropic activities amid the crisis being faced by the country right now.

In his live video yesterday, Marcos showed his ‘humble home’ and sports car in the said super-exclusive subdivision in Pasig City.

He also showed some of the mansions of his neighbors and even told his followers about their occupation.

Marcos shared that his closest neighbor is a politician who made many false promises to his/her constituents.

The businessman then used his sports car to roam around the subdivision and honked the horn of his vehicle to attempt to wake up his neighbors.

“Hoy gising kayo diyan, tulong tayo sa mga kababayan natin, tulong na tulong na, tulog tulog kayo,” Marcos said.

Marcos said that he’s going to talk to the admin of the subdivision to issue a memorandum urging all its residents to help the people affected by the ECQ.

According to him, only the elites and billionaires could afford to live in the said subdivision that’s why he expressed his displeasure to them and called them greedy for not going out to help others.

“Para sa mga kapitbahay ko dito sa subdivision, para sa akin makasarili kayong lahat, kayong mga hindi tumutulong sa ating mamamayan,” he said.

Marcos also admitted that he violated the community rules of the subdivision, but he did it to convince his neighbors to share some of their wealth to the needy.

“Violation po yung aking ginawa na businahan ko yung mga bahay bahay para gisingin sila, pero wala po akong pakialam,”  

Before ending his live video, he revealed that most of his neighbors don’t really care to the people because they’re not going to get anything from them.

“They’re don’t after political power, they’re are after for economic gain, yun po yung totoo niyan, if they can sabotage the economy they will because they’re big player” he stated.

However, he vowed to expose his neighbors as long as he’s still residing in the said subdivision.

“Tulong kahit konti, kailangan ka ng taong bayan, magkapit bahay tayo rito eh, tulong na, kaya natin yan dahil higit tayong kailangan ng tao,” he told his neighbors.

The video already reached 3-M views as of writing on social media.

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