“Sa bahay lang po kayo!” Doctors, nurses ask the public to stay at home if they want to help the health workers

Doctors and nurses who are fighting the COVID-19 in the Philippines are asking the public to stay at home if they really want to help the health workers who are busy fighting the virus.

Several health workers posted photos on social media and while holding a paper with a message “We stayed at work for you, stay at home for us!”.

According to the experts, the most effective prevention against COVID-19 is social distancing or avoiding getting near with other people who may be carrying the virus.

The fewer the people getting infected, the more time the nurses and doctors could take a rest.

As of writing, there are already 202 cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines and it’s still expected to increase.

Meanwhile, a new study from the United States claimed that COVID-19 could stay longer in the air than what the experts thought before.

That’s why the government ordered a enhanced community quarantine in the whole Luzon and put the Philippines under state of calamity as a way to fight the virus.

Several LGUs helped the health workers and other frontliners to get a mode of transportation as the government suspended all public vehicles from operating until next month.

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