QC Mayor Joy Belmonte to her critics: “To those who hate me, you are under no obligation to accept any of my projects”

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has a message to her supporters and critics amid the community quarantine being implemented in Metro Manila and Luzon.

Belmonte in the past few days, received a tremendous amount of criticisms and accused of being incompetent in handling the situation in Quezon City.

On a lengthy Facebook post, Belmonte explained how hard to feed 2-M people each week for 142 barangays in her city.

According to her, the suppliers were having difficulties to deliver a huge volume of food, but now she informed that the basic needs they ordered were arrived already and being prepared to distribute.

“We are slow? I think perhaps the suppliers were overwhelmed by the volume we were ordering and could not comply immediately even if we placed our order the day after the President announced an Enhanced Community Quarantine. But finally, the items have arrived today and we are packing away as I write this. Think about it? Food for 2 million people a day, starting Monday when the supply from our barangays runs out,”

“I don’t have a plan? That was the plan. The barangays using their Quick Response Funds released because we were the very first city to declare a State of Calamity would be used to support our constituents for the first week since I already knew that a volume of goods for 2M people would take time to arrive. That’s bigger than the population of the second and third largest cities in NCR. I thank our barangays for your extremely hard work these past few days,”

She made a tough message to her critics, telling them that they’re free to refuse her administration’s project, like healthcare and social benefits.

To the few who still believe in me, I told you I would never let you down and I won’t. I will fight for you until together we vanquish this virus. Just as you fought for me when all the people who don’t understand how I work and think abandoned and denigrated me. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence. To those who hate me, you are under no obligation to accept any of my projects – housing, education, healthcare, social benefits. That means there will be more for those who truly have faith in me as their leader.

Belmonte also urged them not to criticize her during this time and just wait for the 2022 election.

She also thanked her famous supporters, including Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio.

The post already reached 10,000 shares as of writing.


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