Diokno says cops have no right to detain people disobeying community quarantine: Hindi labag sa batas ang subukang pumasok sa Metro Manila

Defeated senatorial candidate Chel Diokno reminded the people that they have the right to resist the authorities if ever that they’re going to detain them because of disobeying the community quarantine measures implemented in Metro Manila.

On a series of Twitter posts, the human rights lawyer argued that any person who is only attempting to enter Metro Manila is not against the law, and the only thing that the cops can do is to prevent them from setting foot in the National Capital Region.

“Pwede ka nilang harangin at papasukin, na tama lang naman kung kailangan,” Diokno said.

He also said that cops are not allowed to detain people who are refusing to quarantine.

Diokno pointed out that “PNP cannot act on its own” citing Section 3 of the President’s Proclamation No. 922.

“[t]he Secretary of Health may call upon the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement agencies to provide assistance in addressing Covid-19 threat.” he quoted.

“Ibig sabihin, DOH Secretary at hindi PNP ang masusunod. DOH Secretary at hindi PNP ang mangunguna. Presidente na mismo ang nagsabi nyan. The PNP can only assist the DOH,” he added.

Diokno is referring to the statement of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Regional Director Debold Sinas that they’re going to put violators of community quarantine under their custody.

However, the Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra clarified that PNP could only invite the violators from the police station if they tried to do harm to the police officers.

Diokno thanked Guevarra for clarifying the statement of NCRPO.

The community quarantine of Metro Manila is set to start tomorrow.

Under the community quarantine, domestic land, air and sea travel to and from Metro Manila are not allowed.

However, workers residing in other provinces are still allowed to go inside and outside of the country’s capital as long as they’re going to show proof of employment.

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