Filipina from Italy reminds Filipinos to listen to government before its too late: “Don’t make the same mistakes like we did here in Italy!”

A Filipina fashion design student living in Milan, Italy reminded her friends and family in the Philippines to cooperate with the government and avoid doing the same mistakes that the Italians did.

On a Facebook post of Mickaella Jorgia Bergantino described their current situation in Italy, after the Italian government ordered a total lockdown.

According to her, the people living in Italy didn’t listen to the warnings from the government until the virus spread uncontrollably throughout their country.

“Dear Family and Friends in the Philippines, Don’t make the same mistakes like we did here in Italy. Being in Lockdown means you have to STAY AT HOME and AVOID at all costs going out. No school or work doesn’t mean a holiday or you can go out with friends or meet other people. It has been proposed by the government and health officials for a purpose!” she said.

“We have been there. We didn’t listen. We continued to go out and meet people even though we were told not to. We underestimated the situation. And look where we are right now. 10k plus of infected and we are forced to stay at home,” she added.

She urged the Filipinos to avoid the mistakes that Italy did and listen to the instructions from the government so they could control the virus easily.

“Do not do the same mistakes like we did. Stay at home while you are not being forced.Do your job as a citizen. Your role in obedience will lead a big impact to the Society. It doesn’t matter if your plans are or were canceled. Your life and health are more important than that,” she said.

On another post, she also described how strict the Italian government from implementing the lockdown so the Filipinos can see a little hint of what’s the worse thing that could happen to the Philippines.

She said that the government closed all shops and malls, except grocery stores and pharmacies.

They’re also not allowed to go out without a permit or else they’re going to face charges.

“And I’m telling you that I have been at home for the past 3 weeks and it is not a good thing because Humans need to interact with each other. But because we underestimated the situation the government made drastic measures for our safety,” she stated.

“Hospitals are collapsing because of the amount of the infected people.
The Healthcare and hospitals in Italy are free, that’s one of the good things. But is it in the Philippines? The Answer is no,” she added.

Before ending her post, she reminded the Filipinos again that a “simple act of obedience can change” not just their life, but also the people around them.

“Don’t wait until the situation will get worse for the government to take drastic measures (esp how D30 mind works lol)” she said.

It’s already known to the world Italy has the second-highest case of COVID-19 in the world, and many Filipinos who are working in the said country are also badly affected by the outbreak.

As of writing, there are already 12,839 cases of COVID-19 in Italy.

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