#YesToABSCBNShutdown trends on Twitter for the second time

For the second time, #YesToABSCBNShutdown tops the Twitter trending topics after the Office of the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto petition against the ABS-CBN broadcasting company before the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, Twitter became the arena of the clash between the fans and critics of ABS-CBN, showing who got the most numbers on social media.

Here’s some of the netizens said who used the #YesToABSCBNShutDown.

“I understand that their talents are urging the public to have sympathy for their mother network. It’s predictable. However, they must understand the real issue, so they could somehow make a stand to save their names! Shame on them! #YesToABSCBNShutDown,” netizen @therain22_ said.

“This is not about being pro-Duterte or an ABS CBN fan, but this is about a large scale group not paying their loans. The 1.6B money can be used for other government projects. So, #YesToABSCBNShutDown. Not just the network but all Lopez’s subsidiaries,” @shellowpee twitted.

“So much shame for their artists who are obviously a concern for their careers only, without truly considering the real issue and why all of these things are coming out.blame your bosses and the company itself. ABS CBN. So much pity and shame for all of you. #YesToABSCBNShutDown,” @dandeliongemine remarked.

Meanwhile, a parody account of the Official Gazette of the Philippines on Twitter claimed that the people using the hashtag #YesToABSCBNShutDown are ‘paid trolls’ and ‘paid by “intel funds”‘

“What’s the difference between these trends? #NoToABSCBNShutDown = Organic, real sentiments of Filipinos against Duterte’s corruption #YesToABSCBNShutDown = Pinilit ng mga China-Duterte paid trolls and fanatics, paid by “intel funds” The difference is clear. Wag magpaloko!” The parody account twitted.

As of writing, #IStandWithABSCBN topic which contradicts the #YesToABSCBNShutDown also reached Twitter trending topics.

Yesterday, Solicitor General Jose Calida personally asked the Supreme Court to nullify the franchise of ABS-CBN.

Calida cited several illegal practices committed by the broadcasting network.

ABS-CBN’s franchise is set to expire in March 2020.

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