Singer Leah Navarro explains why removing Leni Robredo as Vice President is a good idea

Singer Leah Navarro who’s a well-known supporter of the opposition participated in the recently trending Twitter topic calling for Vice President Leni Robredo’s ouster.

Navarro didn’t mind contributing on the #OUSTLENI2020 topic on Twitter and even made a post explaining why removing Robredo from her current position in the government is an “awesome idea”.

On her Tweet, Navarro said that ousting Robredo from Vice Presidency could also mean that she’s going to be the replacement of President Rodrigo Duterte.

She confidently claimed that Robredo is going to perform better than Duterte who also has gone viral on Twitter after the hashtag OUSTDUTERTE became trending on the said social media platform.

“Awesome idea! #OUSTLENI2020 as Vice President and make her President! President Leni would do a far better job at solving our problems than Duterte. She’s not on Fentanyl and has a true heart for our people,” Navarro said.

Navarro’s post was swarmed by comments from Duterte supporters.

“Yes @leahnavarro that’s awesome idea & would be more awesome if you and #OustDuterte alipores will go to streets and make sure your number of tweets will reflect to pipol attending rallies etc. Fyi Twitter can’t do anything to oust the Duterte,” netizen Rae Mark told Navarro.

“Yes, Aling Leni can do better than Duterte in terms of picture taking, meryenda, hakot media, Sangkatirbang camera, Walang katapusang pagkabahala, nababalot ng kadiliman. No need to #OUSTLENI2020. as she is not using Fentanyl but katol :)” @eiseace commented.

“Wag ganon ilulubog mo n naman ang bansa natin eh. Sige nga ano na bang nagawa ni leni sa bansa aside from protektahan yong yong mga adik,” @dontbeshaken remarked.

Amid the nCoV controversy, the supporters of President Duterte clashed with the opposition followers and tried to show their numbers on social media.

The supporters of the President, called for the ouster of Robredo while the followers of the opposition asked for the removal of Duterte from his office.

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