WATCH: Man goes near the Taal volcano crater to make a VLOG

A man visited and even go very near the crater of the Taal volcano crater were even scientists, journalists and members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are not allowed to step their foot on because of safety reasons.

Youtube user ‘Taal Volcano Volunteer’ toured his followers in one of the dangerous places in our country today and showed how the erption changed the landscape of the once beautiful tourist spot.

He also showed how the heightened activity of the volcano wiped many flora and fauna on the island.

The vlogger then went to the bigger crater where the ashfall came from.

It can be noticed that the vlogger is having a hard time to breathe while showing the big crater.


Several netizens expressed their concern over the action of the vlogger who’s not wearing any safety equipment.

“Kuya diga ho’y hindi pwedeng pumariyan at delikado pa nga. Aba ay kami’y pilit sa pag-aalaga ng evacuees at ang hangad namin ay mailigtas sa panganib tapos kayo’y pilit napuslit at napariyan. Aba. Sana ho ay huwag na kayong uulit ng pagbalik diyan at hindi po natin alam kung anong pwedeng mangyari sa inyo,” a Youtube user commented.

“When he said ” Di na ako pupunta doon kasi delikado pinapangalagaan ko din naman sarili ko” Hahahaaa me was like, kuya sa ginawa mong yan pinapangalagaan mo pa ba sarili mo? Pano kung biglang pumutok yan eh, ihaw ka dyan,  tigas ng ulo eh,” another netizen who watched the video said.

The vlogger could also face some lectures from the authorities for defying the orders of lockdown.


Taal Volcano is still in alert level four as of writing.


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