“Just taking caution!” Jim Paredes wants to ban mainland Chinese from entering the Philippines

OPM artist Jim Paredes urged the authorities to ban all mainland Chinese from visiting the Philippines amid the fears in the possible ‘coronavirus’ outbreak in the country.

On his Twitter, Paredes said that mainland Chinese should not be allowed to step foot in the Philippines until the virus is not being cleared in China.

Paredes clarified that he’s not committing discrimination against the Chinese and only wanted to be careful.


“Let’s ban mainland Chinese from entering this country until this virus epidemic is contained. Not being racist. Just taking caution during these very dangerous times. This is very serious,” Paredes said.

“If we don’t watch out, this virus can be an epidemic. Every other Wuhan De La Cruz may be a carrier,” he added.


This is not the first time that Paredes made a tweet against China.

Paredes is a known critic of Mainland China and tweeted several things against its politicians and products like the alleged fake rice.

Meanwhile, Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon also have the same thoughts as Paredes and told the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines to ban any flights from Wuhan city, China.

“In this regard and in the interest of the safety of our citizens, may I respectfully request that the suspension of these flights of Royal Air Charter Service and all other flights of other airlines coming from Wuhan, China to any part of our country, be considered by the CAAP in consultation with the Department of Health and other concerned agencies,” Biazon wrote.


It was believed that the new coronavirus came from Wuhan, China, and as of writing, the Chinese government already put the said city in transport lockdown.

According to the Department of Tourism, there are 1.4-M people from mainland China visited the Philippines, placing second on the visitor statistics.

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