Group reminds netizens to donate clothes that can still be use by evacuees: “Treat the survivors with dignity”

Because of the pouring donations for the people affected by Taal volcano, some evacuees found unusual clothing like a wedding dress, school uniforms and even wear for detainees.

Instead of not accepting those donations, the good people of Batangas wear it with a smile on their face and it gave laughs to thousands of netizens on social media.

However, a group that’s participating in the relief efforts in Batangas reminded the netizens, especially those who are planning to donate their used clothes to treat the evacuees with dignity.

In a statement, the group “Citizens’ Disaster Response Center” asked the netizens to donate clothes that can be used by evacuees every day.

“A gentle reminder. To those who are donating, please donate clothes that other people can still use. To those who are accepting donations and distributing them, please sort the donations before distribution, and make sure that the clothes are appropriate for those who will receive them,” the group said.

“Let us treat the survivors with dignity,” they added.

A netizen who followed the group on social media also expressed the same thoughts, saying that some people are only donating some of the clothes as a way to dispose it.

“I agree with this. Yung iba maka-donate lang ng ididispose nilang items. Yung ibang damit parang pwede
nang gawing basahan. Nagiging burden pa sa magttransport ng donations,” netizen Dianne Peralta Banares.

As of writing, evacuees are still not allowed to go back to their homes as the authorities still kept alert level 4 in the Taal volcano.

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