“Mga debote!” Mayor Isko Moreno criticizes Nazarene devotees who consumes alcohol during Traslación

Mayor Isko Moreno criticized the people who violated the ordinance against alcohol in Manila City during the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

On his Facebook live video, Moreno showed the people caught drinking during the Traslación.

They’re identified to be devotees as they were spotted wearing a Black Nazarene t-shirt while enjoying a beer.


Unfortunately, their fun cut short when the authorities arrived and invited them to the police station for violating the ordinance against drinking in public places.

Moreno after showing the violators appealed to the public not to drink before participating in the Traslación because it’s a bad example for the younger generation and they might imitate it in the future.

“Ang importante ang tao ay may Diyos, pero hindi sinabi ng Diyos na uminom ka muna bago ka sumama sa Traslación,” Moreno said.


“Wag niyo ho kaming hanapan ng mga excuse, mali po yun, wag po nating ituturo iyon sa mga anak natin, wag po nating ipapakita ‘yon sa mga bata kasi gagayahin nila tayo,” he added.

The Mayor said that the incident should set an example for other devotees not to violate the city ordinance.

He then pointed out that one bottle of beer could already buy rice to feed their families.

In this year’s Traslación, Moreno set new rules to make the feast more secure by increasing the police visibility around the route of the procession.


However, the new rules made by Moreno raised the eyebrows of some devotees, who complained about the stricter policies being implemented by the cops.

Despite the tension between the cops and devotees, the Traslación was considered a success and became the fastest procession of the Black Nazarene in recent memory, finishing within 16 hours.

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