DMCI’s Isidro Consunji to pay back Ecoland owners 150% of what they paid after Duterte criticisms

DMCI Homes Chairman and President Isidro Consunji said that they’re going to pay back the Ecoland unit owners who lost their homes after a quake damaged their building in Davao City.

Consunji made the statement after President Rodrigo Duterte accused him of being arrogant towards the unit owners who are asking for compensation for losing their units because of the quake.

Photo courtesy of Cardio Ped Don

According to the businessman, they’re going to pay back the unit owners of Ecoland 4000 condominium building 150 percent of what they paid for their units.

“We accepted the offer to settle the claims of the homeowners at 150 percent of acquisition cost. They have a general assembly on January 20,” Consunji told CNN Philippines on Saturday.

On January 10, Duterte told Consunji that he’s not going to give a permit for DMCI to build projects in the Philippines if he’s not going to address to problems of Ecoland 4000 unit owners.

“The Consunjis, one of their four condos collapsed. Nagsalita sa concession sa water, ikaw me problema, Consunji, builder ka, if naasar ako sa iyo, I will not grant you any permit,” Duterte said.

Tayong mahihirap, wala tayong problema. Ang may mga problema dito, ‘yung mga mayaman. Gaya nito ni Consunji, lahat ng condo niya — apat, ‘yung isa bumagsak. Sa karaming building sa Davao, kanya lang ang (bumagsak),” he also said.

In another interview, this time with ABS-CBN’s Ted Failon, Duterte called Consunji ‘arrogant’.

“You were most arrogant do not do that. You will not only lose your funds but also your business, believe me. I have ordered an audit of all your buildings and violations you have committed,” said Duterte.

“You know, if you do not come to terms with the people that you have prejudiced, will not allow you to even construct a building, not even a post,” he added.

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